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Tekwani Applications Limited

Manufacturers of Jewelwax and Trycut machinable waxes


Tekwani Applications Ltd was originally set up to provide a chemical technology service to the chemical and nuclear industry. However with our background in chemistry, we decided to concentrate on the production of machinable waxes which we have been doing successfully for fifteen years.

Machinable wax production:


Since taking over the production of Trycut machinable wax from Trycut Ltd in 2000, Tekwani Applications Ltd has improved the product and considerably expanded the range of cast items that are available. Trycut is used by precision engineering companies for prototype work and proving software for computer driven milling machines and lathes etc. It is also used by educational establishments for engineering training and CDT courses. Full information on Trycut is available on our Trycut website

Jewelwax / CncJewelwax

Tekwani Applications Ltd has also developed a  refined wax for the jewellery industry. Jewelwax has been specially formulated for use with small computer driven multi-axis machining systems, specifically for the accuracy, high definition and clean cutting required. The wax is refined and degassed to eliminate impurities and gas bubbles within the castings. Jewelwax is fully compatible with the lost wax casting process so that the finished machined wax masters can be converted into the metal article without any "burnout" or other problems.

We are now manufacturing a wide range of fully machinable wax profiles for the jewellery industry including the waxes used in Delcam and Gemvision systems. (A special harder wax our "Aqua" wax has been specially developed for the more "aggressive" milling routines employed by Gemvision users.   

Technology developed by Tekwani Applications has enabled ring tube castings to be produced in over twenty ring sizes. Larger wax cylinders (bangle tubes) designed for machining bangles are also available. Full information on Jewelwax is available on our Jewelwax website